Printing Methods 

We offer standard digital ink and letterpress. Below are each explained. There are also options to die cut, emboss and gold foil. 

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Standard Digital Printing

The most cost effective and timeless print option. 

All digital print stationery will be printed on premium card stock up to 350gsm available in a wide range of colours. You can find our colour options in the colour board under The Process on the home page 


Letterpress provides a beautiful tangible, ‘debossed’ effect, leaving an astonishing impression on your guests. The design is output to a film as a negative, and then exposed to a light-sensitive, water soluble polymer plate using UV light. The portions of the plate that are exposed through the clear parts of the film harden, and what is not exposed, washes away.

All letterpress print stationery will be printed on premium card stock up to 700gsm available in a wide range of colours. 

Embossing & Gold Foiling

Please contact us for more information regarding this print method


Die Cutting

Die cut shapes look crisp, professional and consistent every time.

We offer three types of die cutting including; arch, half arch, 15 degree angled.

It’s a great way to make your printed piece stand out from the crowd, offering a unique option to customise your print job and really make a statement.



Please be aware that there are a minimum order of 50 for some products. For the majority of products we offer the minimum order is 10.

We highly recommend ordering at least 10 extra invitations to allow for last minute additions to your guest list etc.



Our envelopes come in two different sizes (C5 and C6)

We offer envelope printing for guest names. Please see product for details

During peak wedding season, there may be a small chance that stock could run low.


We will work with you to make producing your stationery a stress-free and enjoyable process.

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